Too much vs too little

There are many occasions in the journey of a business where it may struggle to make ends meet. However there are also times when companies have a large surplus of money and this can also be troubling. Instead of having large sums of unprotected company funds lying dormant in a bank account, alternative uses for the money should be considered. If the funds are not immediately needed for business use, investing them is a useful way of protecting the money and capitalising on revenue streams, as well as safeguarding the business against any potential future threats.

Alternatives to traditional banking solutions

The independent financial advisers at Monahans Wealth Management can provide advice and support on excellent alternatives to regular bank accounts, which are notorious for having low interest rates. With access to a complete range of investment packages on the market, our advisers will work with you to assess your current financial position and make suggestions based on your needs, desired goals and your feelings towards risk.

A complete investment plan will be produced based on our initial discussions with you. Any investments we put in place will naturally be monitored throughout the course of your relationship with us, allowing any necessary changes to be made as your business and the investment products evolve. As well as selecting the most desirable packages and products which will see the best return on your investments, we also make sure that they are all optimal in terms of tax-efficiency by working together with our partners, MHA Monahans Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers.

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